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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some Photos


I feel almost silly posting these photos because they're sort of dishonest. They paint a picture of a life spent romping in gardens and dancing in fountains. While we do actually do those things, the majority of our time lately is spent groggily feeling our way through the day. Most nights I've been staying up quite late to get writing and editing done, and during the days we've been paying for it. 

Things are going surprisingly well, surprisingly easily, especially since it has been so difficult to get momentum going on a book-length project. I've sent a first round of pages out for comments and am about to start on the proposal. I'm choosing to be optimistic and live as though of course everything will fall into place and this book will get published. Doesn't it seem like people who just believe stuff like that happen to have great things happen to them? See how I pick this shit up! And I never even watched Oprah.

Bea, meanwhile, is also having a way with words. She makes specific meal demands: "I want nuggets, yogurt, and chips" and if I try to grab something else she throws herself on the floor: "I don't want that!" On the way to lunch this afternoon she wouldn't stop talking about fries. I asked her if maybe she'd like some fruit and chicken? She went berzerk and I had to reassure her, "Okay, I promise. Only fries! No chicken." I then noticed a little boy staring at us and laughing. Fair enough. The other day she said, "No, that's mommy's" when Alden brought out the mop. I'm going to start reading her Betty Friedan for her bedtime stories. 

Kasper, for his part, crawls and flips and rolls and bulldozes his way through the house like a ferocious little Swiffer. And his first two teeth just poked through on Monday. I think I'm in a developmental sweet spot with both of them. Kasper will get harder to keep track of when he starts walking and I've heard that many toddlers are trying during the second half of their second year. I better hurry up and write now before the shit hits. 

Now, photographic evidence of much frolicking.  







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