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Friday, December 7, 2012

Let's Hear It for Machines

Last month I participated in Write Club, going head-to-head with another writer. He had "man" and I had machines. I'm happy to say that I ruled my bout and in doing so, I won a donation to the charity of my choice: Kopernik, an organization dedicated to bringing life-changing technologies to the developing world. Neat, right?

Thanks to the kindness of Beth and MJ Loheed, I was able to get a video of my performance, one that I can now share with you, but heed my warning: NSFW! You really don't want to play this with young, impressionable children in the room unless you want to explain what barebacking is. You may also not want to play it if you're easily offended.

Again, NSFW. Can't emphasize that enough.


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